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A second international design award for our new labels!

August 05, 2017

A second international design award for our new labels!

Following on the back of winning international Overall Supreme Champion at the Drinks International Wine Design Challenge, we have discovered that we have also won Best Redesign and Supreme Champion at London’s 2017 Harpers Design Awards for our new range of wine labels! We are totally stoked.

This is what the judging panel had to say about our labels;

“The judges were so taken with this re-brand that it seemed inevitable that it would become not only the best redesign but also our supreme champion of 2017. “Warm, contemporary, evocative and elegant,” was the consensus of the judges, who praised Four Winds’ ability to tell a relatable story with simple yet evocative artwork. Judges also noted how effectively the ‘wind’ theme was carried across the various bottles, showing fantastic continuity and progression across the range. But just as impressive as its current incarnation was the daring swerve in direction the vineyard took.
 Four Winds’ redesign is an example of a winery putting their necks on the line for a complete identity overhaul, and the result was a trade-up from something  serviceable to something truly standout.”

This was covered in a few places;



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