The end of harvest

There is a little collective sigh that is exhaled when harvest is over at Four Winds Vineyard.  This year was no different.  We love harvest. It is the most exciting part of the year in the vineyard.  But when the last grape is in, we stop furiously checking our five different weather apps, or calling round different picking teams, or constantly cleaning bins.

The end of harvest does not mean the end of vintage and Bill is in full swing.  This week he has been cleaning barrels with water heated to 150 degrees (lots of steam) ready for filling them with red wine.

The red wines are exciting this year.  Winemaking is exciting every year, but it is hard to recall outside of vintage the delicious scent of fermenting reds.  If you are out at the vineyard and Bill isn’t busy it is worth asking him to take you into the winery so that you can have a sniff.


Bill Cleaning Barrels