That’s a wrap!

Sold out of the 4 Tonne Shiraz

The 4 Tonne Shiraz is now sold out

That’s a wrap! I am sending off the last few cases of 4 Tonne Project Shiraz today. Thanks to Eden Road Wines and Collector Wines for being part of this project – it has been fabulous to collaborate with you both. Thanks to Rowena Martinich for the label artwork and Downie Design for making it into a wine label. Collotype labels generously printed the labels and National Capital Cartons helped out with all the packaging for the wine. These project don’t happen without the help of lots of people and thanks to the hundreds of people who purchased the wines! It has been great to see some glowing reviews from wine journalists and I hope that you enjoy it this holiday season. I look forward to this $46k going to help refugees and asylum seekers in our community through Companion House. This project is done and dusted, I look forward to the opportunities the future (and the weather) present!