Hello! Spring

Spring has sprung and Sangiovese is the first of the vines to let us know about it.  Fortunately Spring has also encouraged the growth of the grass around the cellar door and it is slowly looking less and less like a construction site and more looking like it belongs nestled in the Riesling vines.

Plant, plant, plant

It has been a slow process to transform the cellar door site from ‘construction’ to ‘lush garden’.  But we are on our way.  Here are some of the plants going in around the irrigation tanks ready for the opening.

Toilet door signs go on

For those of us who have not recently built a commercial building read the Building Code of Australia it is surprising the number of codes that apply. Today we hung our toilet door signage. It has brail, raised pictograms, is hung between 1200 and 1600mm off the ground and 50 and 300mm from the architrave read more

Pizza oven in, walls up

The snowball effect is starting to work its magic on the cellar door.  The pizza oven has gone in, solar panels installed, we can now identify what is inside and what is outside the building as the walls are in place.  The building process has been educational.  The translation of paper plans to physical building read more