Crowd-funding for our winery extension

We have taken the plunge and launched a crowd-funding project. Our cellar door is up and we have invested in more winemaking equipment, now we need your help to complete the last element of the project and expand our winery!
We are excited about the coming season. The cellar door is going well and we have just invested in some new winery equipment to increase our winemaking capacity. But we really need your help to ensure we have enough space in the winery to make wine. At the moment we are in the good (and bad) position as we have sold out of Sangiovese, we are not far off selling out of Riesling and we need to find space to ferment more red wine before next vintage. The solution is to extend our existing winery and create more space to ferment the red wines.

You can watch the video and find out more about the project on the Pozible site here: